Email Automation

 Email Automation has following features: 
- Sending mass email 
- Load recipient list from Excel file (*.xlsx) 
- Pause/Resume mail sending
 - Set number of emails to send in one hour or send as fast as possible 
- Ping email server address while setup email server 
- HTML syntax highlighting for email content 

Web Automation Tool

 This is a windows desktop applicaiton, which has 3 main features. It can search a given text on webpage list loaded​ from Excel file (Web Scraper​). It can generate visits to webpages on a list loaded​ from Excel file​. It can also run JavaScript on webpages and simulate webpage navigation. Each navigation step can run different JavaScript. Last feature can be used for webpage testing and webpage navigation demonstration etc. 

AWS S3 Tool

 AWS S3 Tool has following features: 
- With Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 profiles manage S3 buckets easily
- Delete Files from S3 buckets 
- Download Files from S3 buckets 
- Upload Files to S3 Buckets 

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